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    What is Tattoo1Source? Everyone knows an internet search can be both time-consuming and tedious Tattoo1Source streamlines your search by using maps with listings for studios, artists, models, suppliers, and others. Think of us as the “FAST LANE” on the information superhighway, when you are searching for information in the tattoo Read more [...]

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    Skin 2 Paper

    Skin 2 Paper is a product that will make your life as a tattooer easier, more accurate and simply, better. It’s made for the process of creating the perfect fitting design for your client, but besides that it has a couple other cool features. It is specially made for use on Read more [...]

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    Three Pines Productions

    Who We Are We’ve been here, from the start. When the Internet ‘woke up’, in 1994, we were there hitting the refresh button on the Netscape browser, every few minutes, to see if the worldwide network was active, yet. That’s when it happened. The moment the www lit up, we Read more [...]