What is Tattoo 1 Source?

Tattoo1Source is basically a “super-charged” tattoo directory for the worldwide tattoo community.  We focus on Connecting Our Community and you can think of us as your “Fast Lane” on the “information superhighway!”

We chose the name Tattoo1Source because we provide “1Source” where you can find all social media links for the Artist, Piercer, Studio, Model, Fitness Model, Veteran or Veteran Business Owner, Supplier and Tattoo Lifestyle Company listings on our site.

Check out our friends at Blackstar Studio in Warsaw, Poland as a great example:

What’s the benefit of this feature for you?  Having all the links available like this makes your internet search easier and SAVES YOU TIME – And time is the one thing we all need more of, right?


Basic Memberships ~
Basic Memberships are FREE.  Client/Collector Basic Members can easily search our Maps for Artists, Piercers, Studios, Models, Events, and Suppliers.  Artists, Piercers, Studios and Models with a Basic Membership can add a basic listing to the site.


Premium Membership ~

With a paid Premium Client/Collector Members can do all the above, plus review studios and artists, read blog posts by tattoo industry professionals, access any of our exclusive content, and view tattoo community support and administrative jobs.

Premium Professional Member Artists and Piercers can search world-wide for full-time and/or guest artist Jobs, promote themselves for full-time and guest artist or piercer spots, and advertise merchandise through a link on their listing.

Premium Professional Models can search world-wide for full and part-time jobs, promote themselves, and promote their merchandise through a link on their listing.

Studios can advertise job openings and/or guest spots, search through the artists and piercers looking for positions, promote events or special activities (such as seminars or training classes) and advertise merchandise through a link on their listing.

Event coordinators can promote their activities and both Suppliers and Tattoo Lifestyle Companies can advertise their Tattoo or community-related products, as well as list job openings.  All Premium Professional Members have access to our exclusive Tattoo1Source Business Services.  Contact us for more details.


Affiliate Memberships ~

Affiliate Memberships are available to all Tattoo Artists, Piercers, Studios, Models, Suppliers and Tattoo Lifestyle Companies with a pre-paid Annual Premium Membership.  Affiliate Members are given a unique code.  For every new member who uses that code to purchase a paid subscription, Affiliate Members will earn an Affiliate Referral Bonus.  Contact us for more details.


Use the “START HERE!” option to register for your membership today!

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