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    Jersey Tattoo Company

    Tattoo Tommy: Master Tattooer Specializing in Cover ups and Japenese art Doug Anderson: Tattoo Artist Specializing in Realism, Black and Gray, Illustrative, and Neo-Ttradional . Jamie Barnes: Tattoo Artist Specializing in American Traditional. Andy Valente : Guest Tattoo Artist Specializing in Black and Gray, Realism, and Portraits. We are currently seeking a skilled and certfied Read more [...]

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    Pure Ink Tattoo Studio

    Our goal is equally as simple. We strive to have the cleanest, most modern facilities around so we can best serve our clients, who matter most to us. We employ some of the finest artists in New Jersey, we train them in customer service so our clients are not only getting great art but they Read more [...]

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    Blaque Owl Tattoo

    Blaque Owl is a custom Tattoo and Piercing studio, devoted to tailoring designs specific to our customers request. The walls of our shop are adorned with custom art produced by local artists in attempt to stray away from the “flash” art typically displayed as idea potential for the customer. In this way we, as artists, Read more [...]