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    Ruby Gore – Tattoo Artist

    Ruby Gore is a Tattoo Artist who combines her love for flora and fauna with her dark aesthetic to create beautifully haunting, whimsical tattoos and illustrations. Her use of skulls, insects, flowers, animals and herbs illustrate her love for marrying mortality and nature primarily in blackwork with an emphasis on clean lines, stippling and the Read more [...]

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    Electrum Radio

    Electrum Radio is geared at taking your life to the next level. Each week we will discuss important topics like, business, entrepreneurship, finance, investing, health, relationships, and so much more, all with the intent of elevating your personal success in each area of your life! Electrum Radio was founded in 2018 by our owner, and Read more [...]

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    Black Market Tattoo Care

    We help tattoo clients get flawless tattoos, healed in less time. Our organic tattoo balm soothes itching and pain, promotes fast healing, and creates a more vibrant healed tattoo. Made by a tattoo artist and his herbalist outdoorsman brother, Black Market organic tattoo care features no-frills formulas made for healing tattoos. No chemical additives, no Read more [...]